Book Review: "Me Before You"

The aspect I most enjoyed about this novel is the uniqueness of the story--I can honestly say I have never read a book like this one. I also valued the fact that the novel caused me to think of how I might handle the situation from the perspective of each of the characters. Of course from the outside, it's simple to say what I would have done, but ultimately, in real life, I would not want to face the challenges within these pages. With love and grace is most likely the best answer I can provide.

As a novelist, I hope to learn something from each book I read. "Me Before You" definitely allowed me that opportunity. I like how the author brought together people from diverse backgrounds and introduced a universal dilemma. The ending was what I expected (which is neither good nor bad in my opinion, although I prefer to be surprised). The content of the novel is relatively clean, which I appreciate. I definitely recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys a love story that encompasses many challenges along the way.

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