He became a stepdad in July 2007 and his second son was born in July 2016.

His favorite meal is New York style pizza with a sweet tea.

He won the 8th grade spelling bee at his school. If you ask him how many kids participated, he might say, “Such minor details are not important!”

He is an avid sports fan. His favorite teams are the Atlanta Braves, Carolina Panthers, and UNC Tarheels (basketball).

Celebs he’s met: Mario Andretti, Truett Cathy, Eric Montross (ask to see the picture!), Nicholas Sparks, Richard Petty, John Edwards, Dick Vitale, Steve Garvey, and Harmon Killebrew.

He played competitive basketball and softball.

He has webbed toes (aka twin toes, duck toes, tiger toes), but he says it’s never seemed to help him swim better. Only one in 2,250 humans are born with syndactyly (official condition).

A "joey" is another name for a baby Kangaroo.

When he was 21 years old, weighing only 150lbs, he could bench press 315lbs.

He fell from a 20ft high makeshift tree stand when he was 13 years old, landing directly on his head like an arrow shot into the ground. Miraculously, he suffered no injuries.

Photography is one of his hobbies.

He might be the only writer who doesn't drink coffee.

Joey Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed novels A Bridge ApartLosing LondonA Field of FirefliesThe Date Night JarWhen the Rivers Rise, Where the Rainbow Falls, and Along the Dusty Road.