Book Review: Necessary Lies (Diane Chamberlain)

Necessary Lies is my first experience reading a Diane Chamberlain novel, and I must say, I am impressed. I was first introduced to Diane Chamberlain when I was signing my own novels at a bookstore in Wake Forest, N.C. I have been meaning to read one of her novels for quite a while, and now I wish I would have started reading her books sooner.

Chamberlain does a fabulous job building the characters and allowing the reader to get to know each one intimately (Ivy Hart and Baby William are ingrained in my mind). Diane was able to weave this story together beautifully from the perspectives of Ivy Hart and Jane Forrester, and I was surprised by how things turned out, yet intrigued that I was able to look back and see how everything made sense in the end. You'll be glad you read Necessary Lies!

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