Writing "A Field of Fireflies" Took Me Back

As a little boy I absolutely loved playing baseball. My friends and I played whenever and wherever we could. We would pretend to be Major League Baseball stars like Cal Ripken, Jr. and Nolan Ryan. These memories from childhood made writing my newest novel, "A Field of Fireflies", extra special. The story took me back to the days of old when sports were played for fun. Today, I think too many parents and kids take the game too seriously. I hope "A Field of Fireflies" will take you back to a different era as well, and I also hope it will cause us to think more about the future of sports, family, and equality.

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  • Joey Jones on

    Thank you so much for the comment, Marilyn. I put a lot of thought into the titles of my novels, so it always makes me smile when someone notices the relevance. Keep reading!

  • Marilyn palmer on

    Just wanted you to know how much I like your use of illteration in your titles. Even the title A Bridge Apart captured the essence of the story. A good title creates an interest in the book.
    Hope you are doing well.

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